Monday, March 14, 2011

How To Propagate Rosemary By Stem Cuttings

Finally I've done it.  I got my rosemary back in May 2010.  I've been trying to grow it successfully ever since.  But it's such a slow growing plant, much like the lavender.  A few months back, I tried rooting it by stem cutting but I guess it wasn't time yet.  The weather was too wet for this dry loving plant.    But now the weather seems just right.  It has been fairly dry and sunny.  The two sprigs you see in the picture have inch long roots. 

But I'm getting ahead of myself.  About a month ago, I cut two sprigs about the length of a ring finger.  I cut off the leaves in the bottom half of the cuttings.  Then I placed the two cuttings in a liter bottle of water, with only the bottom half submerged.  I replaced the water every week or so and placed the bottle where there's slight afternoon sun.  I made sure the leaves don't get wet.  I don't think rosemary likes wet leaves. 
Finally the month passed and the roots appeared.   I let the roots grow for a week.  Today I planted the two sprigs in a small pot which I half filled with finished vermicast.  I would have used vermicast for the entire pot but my vermicast factory is a bit slow.  I also punctured the bottom of the pot to provide drainage.   And that's it.   Rosemary cuttings will root in plain water if the weather is right.  


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