Saturday, March 12, 2011

Kitchen Scraps Mulch - Update 2

Well it's been over a month since my kitchen scraps mulch experiment.  I don't really want to dig up the habanero again since it's been fruiting.  I'll wait for the harvest of this current batch of chili peppers and then maybe we'll see.

Anyway, my concern is that the powdery mildew seems to be back.  I was watering the leaves earlier when the white little things started flying.  I figured I should move the pot to a sunnier location and by that I mean move it around within the day to follow the sun.  The pot is made of plastic and has like a mesh bottom.

When I lifted and moved the pot, guess what I found.  Vermicast on the ground.  This leads me to believe that the two worms I placed inside the pot are still alive.  Not bad.  Maybe that's a sustainable way to fertilize.  I added some dried leaves and coffee grounds mulch to supply more brown and greens since the soil level has gone down by about two inches since I started this experiment.  Hopefully, the worms will migrate up where there's more organic material.

That's it.  Seems positive.  I just hope I get rid of the powdery mildew or I'll have to spray the plant with baking soda.


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