Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Are Worms Escaping Your Worm Bin?

I had a eureka moment this morning.  Most of my worm bins have been doing okay: the worms are eating and staying put.  In the past days though, I've noticed an increase in the crawl outs, even in established bins.  And so I've been wondering why.  I think I have the answer.

In a couple of plastic bins, I found the sides and lid covered with moisture.  I'm not sure if conditions became anaerobic because of the moisture, but I think the moisture does enable the worms.  They can easily navigate around the sides because there's so much moisture. 

I'll find out tomorrow if that indeed was the problem.  For most part of the day, I left the lids off in these bins so excess moisture can evaporate.  When I checked earlier, the top part seems somewhat drier.  I hope that solves the problem.

If it works, I now know that when I see moisture condensation on the lid, that's a sign that there's excess moisture in the worm bin.


  1. As an update, I had zero crawl outs yesterday. I added a whole piece of cardboard in one of the bins. It didn't really touch the surface of the materials, but it did absorb evaporating moisture. The cardboard was a little soft to the touch this morning.


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