Friday, February 25, 2011

How to Propagate Lavender by Stem Cutting

The lavender I find is one of my most difficult plants to tend.  We used to have a big lavender plant but every stem died eventually.  All except one.  Last year, I was able divide the lavender via root division.   However, even this new plant had a hard time surviving.  It saw some browning of the bottom leaves.  Finally, I removed it from its big pot and placed it in a very small soft plastic pot (the one used for seedlings).  And the soil level was very low (less than half the pot).  It was the plant out in the sunlight that managed to thrive even as the mother plant died.  The soil I used was very loose and never compacted.  So several times over the week, I would find the plant half wilted.  Only then will I water it.  And apparently, that was the secret.

That plant has grown several inches.  Since the dry season has begun, I figured it was now a good time to try and propagate this lavender via stem cutting.  Towards the end of January, I cut two stems from that lavender, about 4-5 inches high.  I removed the bottom four leaves and then I submerged the bottom part in a liter bottle of water.   Every couple of days, I would change some of the water, but I made sure to remove the stems first because I didn't want the leaves to get wet.  Sure enough, now a month later, the stem cuttings have roots! 
Finally, I've successfully rooted a lavender via stem cutting in water.   I hope these new plants survive the transplant!


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