Monday, October 18, 2010

Lavender Recovery

I used to have a fair sized lavender plant (several actually in one pot).  But sometime in the middle of the year, they all started getting discolored as if drying up.  I've long suspected it was some sort of fungus or root rot.  So with only two main plants left, I moved my lavender back to a small pot and put in some very good organic soil.  Unfortunately, one still died.   But not, after what seems like 5-6 months of rehabilitation, it looks like my little lavender is back.  If you look at the leaves, they seem to be healthy again.  I don't see any of the brown wilted leaves near the bottom.  And (you won't see it here), I've also seen new growth in the lower branches.  Yey!  Maybe in a couple of months, I'll transfer this again.  Meanwhile, this little survivor will remain in the hottest part of my garden and will continue to get very minimal water.   If it wants hot and dry, that's what I'll give it.  Let me just say, for an herb that you can supposedly very low maintenance, it required so much attention!


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