Monday, February 28, 2011

Vermicompost Experiment: Overfeeding!

I have a 5-gallon vermicomposting pail.  It has about 1/4 pound of worms.  I really don't know.  I've been getting worms there to seed about half a dozen bins so I'm guessing the population has dwindled somewhat.  But then again, it's been over a month since I took any worms from the pail.  I'm guessing some reproduction has happened. 

About 3/4 of the pail is filled with bedding.  I'm not talking about shredded paper here.  I put in an entire paper bag filled with lots of whole paper.  How's that for lazy?  But I'm also guessing that will provide lots of bulking.  And that's the background.

Now I have about 1-2 pounds of food (or at least I think they weigh that much).  These are melon rinds (worm favorites), banana peels, banana leaves (from suman), pear peels, some teabags, and some pomelo peels.  There's also a newspaper page to help absorb moisture.  I poured all of that into the pail.  Can my worms handle that amount of waste?  Let's see next week.

What are my measures of success?  1) No worm crawl offs as evidenced by dead worms surrounding the bin and; 2) Finished food.

Let's see.   Meanwhile, check the video counterpart of this post too for additional entertainment.


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