Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Vermicompost Experiment: Overfeeding Conclusion

I'm ending this experiment abruptly.  This morning I found two dead worms on the ground.  That's a bad sign since I haven't had any escapees in a while.  When I removed the newspaper cover, there were a couple of worms on the sides of the bin near the top.  That's another bad sign.  This afternoon when I checked the bin, a good number of worms were congregating on the side opposite where I fed them.   That's strange behavior considering I never see them group together.  My worms are generally as antisocial as I am.  

I checked on the food to see if any worms were exploring.  No worms near the food whatsoever.  And the smell was a little funky.  That rarely happens to my bins now since I've been very conservative in feeding.  So like any other good vermicomposter, I removed about 90% of the food and used them as mulch.  My Cat's Whiskers plants could use a good mulching anyway.   I hope that's good enough.  I don't want to lose more worms tonight. 


  1. I over fed my worms and had some of the same bad "worm behavior" that you are decribing here. I stopped feeding and added more beding. Things are better in my bin now. Now I feed much less than in the past.

  2. Thanks for dropping by Bill. I'm more behaved now in terms of feeding. It's not like they'll go hungry anyway. I have tons of paper in the bins.


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