Thursday, November 04, 2010

Worm Bin 3 Update: Mushrooms in My Worm Tray 2

In my last Worm Bin 3 update, I talked about mushrooms sprouting in my vermicompost tray (on top and at the bottom).  I wasn't sure if mushrooms were beneficial to the worm bin so I kept cutting of the heads, just to be safe. 

But the I found out that lots of other people have observed mushrooms sprouting in compost bins.  Apparently, it's because mushrooms tend to thrive in the same environment as the worms (about 25 degrees Celsius, moist, and dark).   It in fact serves as an affirmation that the bin conditions are alright. 

I also have an interesting thread in going on and they're saying that mushrooms do help in the decomposition process.  In fact, mushrooms can go through a lot of newspaper!   In my case that's great because this worm tray is under-wormed -- that is, I didn't put a lot of my little African Nightcrawlers there.  If those mushrooms can help with the decomposition process, they can suck out all the paper they want.  After a while when it gets competitive in terms of food, the mushrooms can just die down and be food for the worms. 

Footnote: I've been told that decapitating a mushroom does not kill the organism.

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  1. Anonymous2:07 AM

    Picking a mushroom to hurt it is like picking a ripe apple to hurt the tree. Not exactly going to make a difference, but it can keep it from spreading to a near by bin by removing the spores.


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