Monday, October 11, 2010

Worm Bin 3 Update: Castings

In worm bin 3, I had hoped to apply the quick lessons I've learned from my other relatively new bins.  As I mentioned before, worm bin 3 is designed to be a stackable, flow-through bin.  I also mentioned that while I have been quite generous with my feeding, I'm certain my worms are still okay.   I haven't seen my worms since I placed them there since I haven't been digging around this bin, but this is what I saw underneath.  I think those are worm castings!  Enlarge the picture and see for yourself.  What's cool too is that when I shake the bin, the castings just fall through the holes in the bottom of the bin or tray.  Of course there are some egg shells that fell too, but otherwise, most of the material is black.   Just for fun though, I placed everything back on top.  After all, worm castings are supposed to have beneficial microbes.  If I can spread those in the bin, then great.

Meanwhile, let me talk about my overfeeding.  For most part, I feed my worms pruned herb leaves and weeds.  Lately, I've tried submerging the leaves in water for about two days.  It softens the leaves a lot (like spoiled vegetables).  And since worms don't have teeth (they just suck their food), it'll help them if the food is soft.   True enough when I got the leaves from the cup with water, there was definitely a light aroma of something decomposing.  ;-)  I cut up the leaves and spread them around the tray.  Afterwards, I just covered them with a dry bedding of shredded bills and receipts.  I didn't add further moisture since the leaves were soaking wet as is.  Well that's about it for the update.  Although I don't see my 7-8 worms down there, I hope they're having a feast!


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