Saturday, October 02, 2010

Welcome Onion!

Remember my garlic plants?  They died like most of my other plants in the backyard.  I planted my garlic in a big pot with lots of soil because it's supposed to bear fruit underground.  Well that's double edged in a place with limited sun. It must have suffered root rot with all the accumulated water.  Oh well.  I've since replaced that garlic with Cat's Whiskers.  Quite a different experience, Cat's Whiskers thrive with heavy watering.  Instead of getting root rot, it's growing out of control.  But that's a different story.

It just seems right that after talking about garlic, I should talk about my new onion plants.  I didn't mean to plant onion but Jean (who adores my worms) had some onion from the store that grew shoots.  And so she gave it to me for planting.   Why not I figured.  I'm not sure if they bear fruit underground though.  I haven't done my mandatory research.  But anyway, look at them now.  It loos like they're thriving in the sunny yard (near the Gotu Kola).  Then again, my garlic looked like that for a while.  I plan to add more soil to that pot anyway; perhaps when I harvest my vermicast.  

Anyone with tips on raising onions?


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