Thursday, September 30, 2010

Healthy Gotu Kola (Finally)

I haven't had a lot of success growing Gotu Kola.  It's one of the first herbs I bought (in fact I bought it twice) and yet I haven't propagated it all over the garden.  For a while, the second batch that I bought started spreading.  So I was hopeful and figured that maybe the first pot I bought was just a lemon seedling (in a matter of speaking).  Check out the pictures from the older post and compare.  This is what is left of my batch 2 Gotu Kola.  

But here's some good news. I moved a lot of my pots to a sunnier location and it looks like they're thriving.  In the shady backyard, everything seemed to be dying.  I figured I'd try to move some Gotu Kola.  I cut up part of the plant (the runner) and planted it in potting soil and moved it to the sunnier location.  About two weeks later, here's what the plant looks like. Is it just me or are the stems actually fat?  OMG I think I've done it.   All that reading about Gotu Kola needing a swamp like environment is useless.  I tried flooding it and it died! It's like any other herb.  It needs healthy, well draining soil and lots of sun.  Well, check back in two weeks and let's see if this plant continues to thrive.


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