Sunday, October 24, 2010

Aluminum Side To Maximize Plant Sunlight

There are certain kinds of herbs that just won't thrive in my garden.   What's common with Oregano Thyme, Lavender and Rosemary?  These are supposedly the low maintenance plants that you should just leave in one corner of your garden.  Just ignore them and they will thrive or so they say.   These are plots that love hot and dry conditions.  Unfortunately, it's the rainy season.  I try to compensate by hardly watering my Lavender and Rosemary (my Oregano Thyme has since moved on to a better place), but I want to do more for them.

I got two ideas while reading up on sunlight maximization: an aluminum siding and aluminum mulch.  Hey, that's something even I can do.  I also read that it balances the light source.  Otherwise, the plant will bend and grow towards the sun (oh I see that a lot!) So I finished my cereal, got the aluminum inner container and I taped two chopsticks on each side.  Then I plugged those by the side of the pot.   It's harder to describe than I though, so just look at the pictures.  ;-) Hopefully, the reflective surface will provide my plants with a lot more sunlight.

I've also been eating Chocolate Mallows which have aluminum wrappers.  I shredded those and used those for my lavender mulch.   In keeping with my recycling thrust, I also kept the cereal box for future bedding of my worm bins.


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