Monday, October 25, 2010

Vermiculture Experiment: Do Worms Like Coffee Grounds?

In most How To articles that I've read, I always find that coffee grounds is always on the list of Stuff to Feed Worms.  Well that makes sense I suppose.  Everyone likes Starbucks.  Why shouldn't worms?  Naturally I had to do a little experiment.  I got some months old coffee grounds from the trunk of my car (I've been using it as an air freshener), got a small plastic lid and placed some coffee grounds there.  I added a little water for moisture and placed it in my worm bin.

Why didn't I just pour it in to the bin?  For one, it's hard to distinguish coffee grounds from dirt once they're all mixed in.  Besides, isn't vermicast black as well?  I wanted to make it more dramatic.  Will worms actually take the time to climb over the lid to get the coffee grounds?  Will there be evidence of a massive caffeine burst in the bin?  Will they finish the contents of that little lid?  We'll find out.  I actually cheated a little and put 2-3 worms inside the lid.  I figured if they enjoyed it, they might call their friends.  You never know. 

But as luck would have it, one of the worms died inside the lid.  Must have gotten a massive heart attack.  I'll try decaf grounds next time.  A few days later, the coffee grounds was still untouched.  Tsk.  Sometimes these worms make me feel under appreciated.  And so I figured coffee grounds must not be in the list of favorite worm treats.  I just poured the contents of the lid inside the worm bin.  I'm sure they'll eat it, but obviously they weren't thrilled like I thought they'd be.  Maybe next time I'll do a variation of that experiment. I'll put pan de sal with the coffee grounds.


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