Thursday, June 24, 2010

ISP Customer Service Ranking

The other day, we lost Internet connection in the house.  Usually, it takes a DSL modem reset or two to fix the problem.  By afternoon, I decided to call Bayantel to report the problem.  Guess what?  I think I just had to press one number to get customer service.  In comparison, you'd need about 3-4 choices before getting someone from Globe or Smart.  Even better, someone answered my call within two minutes.  Imagine that.  Here's the best part, in less than ten minutes, I had my Internet connection back.  Kudos to Bayantel!

So here's my Philippine Internet Service Provider (ISP) customer service ranking:

1. Bayantel - consistently good
2. Globe - crappy, but made amends
3. Smart - crappy thieves!


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