Tuesday, May 18, 2010

How Fast is Smart Bro?

As promised from my last Smart Bro blog post, I'll post pictures to show you the speed of my Smart Bro.   Take note of the green downward arrow which shows download speedHoly single digit narrowband Batman!

To help you appreciate the single digit speed, think back to our dial-up modem period.  Remember when we were happy to hear a high pitched handshake?  And when we saw that it was connected at 56K, we were really happy (but 48K was okay too).  That's narrowband for you.

So I have a single digit download speed.  I forget what it's called.  I think it's throughput.  What that means to me is that Smart Bro is not broadband at all.  At best, it's an extremely slow narrowband connection.  I think I'll call their customer support later.  I'll let you know if I even get through.

Check out Globe Tattoo too.  It's as problematic as Smart Bro, but in another way.


  1. I am also disgusted with Smartbro. Good thing is, they contact me through my blog post. They provided me with resolution via email but nothing has changed. My own resolution is to register on unlimited browsing. This way, no matter how slow it is, i am not overcharged. But you know what, it is wasting my time. Sometimes I fell asleep in my bed while my laptop is on, waiting for a single page to load.


    Unfortunately, their comments were lost after I migrated to Wordpress. Just realized it now. Hmmm.

  2. Yes Chriz you are 100% right SmartBro is disgusting! Readers beware of it!


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