Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Do Mints Self Propagate?

If you read about mint care, you would find consistent advice regarding "containing" mints in pots.  Mints are considered "invasive".  Have you ever wondered how that happens?  Do mints spread?  How?

Well, I recently re-potted my Swiss Mint. If it looks a little small, that's because I virtually decapitated it when I pruned it because I want it grow bushy.  When I removed it from its temporary pot, I saw this.  If you see two almost white stems, those are new growths.  They came straight from the roots.  If you imagine that the plant is underground, you will see these as new sprouts from the ground.  I'm not sure if this is what you call a runner, but it's certainly a sign of self propagation. 

So that's two ways to propagate mint.  You can do it with cuttings.  You can also let it spread on its own.

On the side, do look at my mint collection (and some basil).  They're all in bottles of water and as you can see, there's a long line of them now.   I can't wait until I fill the entire hall with my plants.


  1. Haha looks like you will be having fresh breath for a long time. And some awesome tea. I think that mint in tea is a great flavor.

  2. I've grown some mint from a cutting in a glass of water on a window sill for about 2 weeks now and the roots system is quite huge. When do I transport it to soil in a pot?

  3. 2 Weeks should be good.


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