Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Herb Garden Updates 2

Let me welcome my new Purple Basil!  Actually, this is my second one, but my first purple basil was just purple on the underside of the leaves. The first one's still alive and I'm still waiting for the plant to turn purple.  This second one has a more obvious purple shade.  I recently repotted it in a container with some worm castings and coffee grounds.  Hopefully that would be enough to finance my plant's growth.
Then there's the Habanero which I've been talking about a lot lately.  You've got to love it for recovering and bearing fruit the past few months.   On almost a daily basis, I add all sorts of yard trimmings to the pot since the soil level keeps going down.  Those worms have been working faster it seems.
Finally, let me show you my mophead hydrangea again.  They've been flowering lately, but both plants are giving me pink blooms.  I'm not sure why when I've been adding supposedly acidic coffee grounds to turn the blooms blue.  Oh well.  Maybe next year.  These plants have been wilting several times a week due to the summer heat.   Several times during the week, I even put an upside down umbrella hanging by the window just above the plants to give them some shade.  It helps.


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