Thursday, February 17, 2011

Welcome Purple Basil!

I finally got it!  After months and months of searching for a purple basil, I finally found one!  Yey!  But I must say it's not as exciting as I figured it would be.  Why?  Well, the leaves aren't exactly purple.  The undersides of mature leaves are purple, but on top it's all green.  Supposedly, those leaves should turn purple over time as well.  Only time will tell.  In the meantime, I'll have to keep taking pictures of the undersides only.  I can't wait to propagate this plant!  I'll give away half my cinnamons so I have space. And imagine how cool that would be if I cooked purple pesto.   Here are a couple of pictures as proof. 


  1. Anonymous5:13 PM

    Try getting sacred purple basil. The purplish color is more prominent than the green. They have those in a garden shop located near St. Mary's College :)

  2. Great tip. I haven't seen any garden shop in that area. What's the name of the store?

  3. Anonymous10:56 AM

    It's called Thyme Square. It's located on the corner of Sct. Reyes and Mother Ignacia Ave. The shop is run by GreenHearts Inc, makers of soil-less potting mixes such as Enrico and Plantastic. I actually work for the company. Hehe, so i hope you can visit us soon. :)


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