Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Where Do African Nightcrawlers Poop?

It's an interesting question.  I've never really been able to definitively answer it.  If you look at most material on the Internet, they'll talk about Red Wigglers, not African Nightcrawlers since the former is more suitable for US and Canada where most of the English sites are.  Red Wigglers supposedly feed on top and leave their castings at the bottom.  That's probably why flow through bins work; the vermicomposter can just harvest from the bottom.

The problem with my experience with African Nightcrawlers is that I've seen them deposit castings on top of the bin.  In fact, I even showed a video about it.  However, from my experience with my worm tray, it seems like these worms also deposit their castings at the bottom.  That's why they fall down to the catch tray. 

That said, for now I'm utilizing the tray a little more since harvesting is easier.  The castings that fall through the tray are fairly dry and are more appropriately termed worm castings rather than vermicompost simply because most of the material falling through are vermicast with minimal other organic material. 

Does anyone know the true behavior of African Nightcrawlers?  Where do they poop? 


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