Wednesday, November 10, 2010

What Does Vermicast Look Like?

If you're new to worm composting, you might be wondering what worm castings look like.  After all, they're always shown from afar.  Collectively, they look like dark soil.  Right?  So is there any way to distinguish them from soil or from coffee grounds?  I believe so.  I took these pictures earlier.  They're as close as my camera zoom will take me.

To totally mess up your sweet tooth, I kinda think worm castings look like chocolate sprinkles on cake.  And that's basically how you can tell.  Vermicast is shaped like a small capsule.  The particles aren't round at all.  So even if coffee grounds are the same color, you can easily tell them apart from castings.

And those are my two cents for today.

Footnote:  My worm bin 1 has started performing better ever since I covered the contents with a whole newspaper (apart from the worm bin lid).  I'm not sure why that is, but now I see new worm poo on top of the heap every single day. 


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