Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Lavender Update

Here's my lavender!  It looks a lot bigger from last month, huh?  I guess it really helps that it's in the sunniest part of the yard.  You'd never know it, but I've been nursing this particular plant for half a year already!   You don't see it clearly in the picture, but the pot looks too small and the soil is fairly limited.  Why is that good?  Lavender likes it sunny and dry!  Even if it rains, the pot dries up rather quickly.  It looks so good these days that I'm thinking of getting cuttings from it.  I've been refraining since a lot of my plants die after pruning.   Maybe it's a thing with the shears


  1. i like your experiments. am like that too with so many plants and money wasted. but i enjoy myself. i got a rare plant (so they said)recently and later with try to grow stems too. hope it works out. wish me luck!

  2. Good luck with your gardening experiments!


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