Monday, November 29, 2010

Goodbye Worm Bin 2a! Hello Worm Bin 2b!

Well my worms in Worm Bin 2a are now in the arms of someone else in Novaliches.  Take care of them!  That was a nice bin too.  But I'm not sad at all.  I'm glad that more Pinoys are getting into the worm habit.  I'd gladly be the provider that gives access to vermicomposting hobbyists. 

Anyway, I'm also glad someone purchased the bin because I got to create a new one!  And it's such fun making worm bins.  Is that odd or what?   I swear this whole vermicomposting thing is so addictive that I don't just blog about it; now I even upload worm bin videos on Youtube!

My new bin is so handy because it's a little smaller than my old bin, but it's also a little deeper so there's not much volume trade off.  Like the predecessor bins, it has locking mechanisms so you can lug it around.  Even better, this new bin has a handle!

Whereas in my prior bin, I put really small holes all around the bin and some big ones on the lid, this time around, I put in 12 big holes on one side.  I think that would be enough to provide my African Nightcrawlers with enough air.  I covered the holes with stockings material though to make sure my worms don't go meandering at night.  Hopefully, the stockings material will also keep ants out.

Finally, I added some old bedding and some semi finished vermicompost from my other bins and placed them in the new one.  There being a microbial community already, I can immediately add my worms to the new bin.  I made sure not to add too much material though because I want my worms accessible (read: I want to poke around the bin and play with the worms every single day!) 

And that's that!  Do keep reading my Quezon City vermicomposting adventures!

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  1. I LOVE your worm enthusiasm! It makes me feel less crazy! I love checking on my worms, too, and get SO excited when I see that I haven't killed them off lately. Hopefully that'll never happen again!


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