Saturday, April 10, 2010

Mophead Hydrangea Update and Propagation

After learning that my May Flores was actually a Mophead Hydrangea, I started researching on its care.  Apparently, Hydrangeas generally require shade or filtered sunlight. So I moved them from the sunniest part of the garden to my front porch.  The only sun they'll get there is indirect beams.  After a few days, I noticed that the leaves were much greener and no longer susceptible to wilting even at high noon.  As for the blooms, you'll notice that they're a light shade of blue now.  Beautiful, right? 

Hydrangea Care
  • Likes slightly acidic soil (the more acidic, the darker the bloom).  In fact, the flowers may change color from year to year depending on the soil conditions.  More aluminum makes it bluer 
  • Hydrangeas need a lot of water so make sure to water regularly
  • Fertilize once during the growing season.
Hydrangea Propagation
  • I've seen a couple of sites wherein they managed to propagate cuttings by rooting in water
  • Most others advocate cutting and rooting in soil 
  • In both cases, remove all foliage except for the top two and cut the remaining two leaves in half
  • Cut just below a joint or a node
  • Don't water until it begins to dry
  • Supposedly, you can also propagate by root division. I'll give this a try in a few weeks.
  • Lastly, you can propagate by layering.  Just pick a low branch and bend it to the ground.  Cover the stem with a brick or a rock.  Check back in a few weeks. 


  1. Anonymous4:38 PM

    hi! my mom asked me to research this flower because she was having trouble with it. we didn't know what it was called in english, just that it's called "flores." imagine googling with just "flores" and "flowers" as terms. lol. good thing i came across your blog.

    so her problem is her flores just kept growing taller but no flowers ever bloomed. the leaves are very green and healthy, but again no flowers. she was able to propagate but the other plants have the same problem. is this a cold climate plant? we bought it in tagaytay and we're from manila.

    can you give some opinions on that and tips would be very welcome. thanks!

    1. Anonymous1:17 PM

      Sorry kung Tagalog ha.Milflower ang common name.madali syang mg adjust khit s mainit na place. Wag lang ilagay sa lugar na ang sikat ng araw ay mula am to pm. Ung hugas bigas ang gamitin sa pagdilig. Ung hugas bigas sa gabi, ang gamiting pangdilig sa umaga. Once a month naman ung pinanghugas sa isda, pero sa lupa lang idilig wag sa halaman dahil kakainin ito ng mga insekto at hayop. Mas mainam ito bilang fertilizer dahil napapanatili nito ang bango ng bulaklak kaysa sa commercial fertilizer. Ang treated water tulad ng Maynilad ay di magandang pandilig sa halaman dahil nawala ang natural nutrients dahil sa chlorine, ganun din ang purified water. Kaya hugas bigas ang gamit ko. 2 beses syang namulaklak last year. At ngaung summer ay namumulaklak na naman sya. At limang bulaklak lagi. "Patience is virtue".

  2. My plants used to bloom once a year. This year it has bloomed thrice. I'm not sure why. Could be all the trash, coffee grounds and worms that I put in. I'm not sure. Strangely enough, with all the acidity, the blooms ate still pink.

  3. Anonymous8:53 AM

    i may have to research that acidity thing coz that's the only difference i can find with what you posted and what she's doing (although she uses rice water as fertilizer, among other things). thanks again.

  4. Anonymous11:23 AM

    I have Milflower since 2005. It started to bloom last May 2014, then it bloomed again last December 2014. Then again last February 2015. It starting to bloom again this April. My problem is how to propagate it. I live here in Imus, Cavite.
    Everything comes to those who wait.  


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