Friday, April 09, 2010

How to Make Japanese Mint Tea & Wedding Favors

It was bound to happen.  My Japanese Mint and Chocolate Mint babies have grown up and I've had lots of fun propagating them.  But like all herbs, the time comes when we have to eat them.  I've been reading up on mint tea so I figured I'd give it a try.  I plucked about 10 leaves from my mother Japanese Mint plant, washed them and boiled them in water.  I strained the leaves and drank the tea.  It's alright.  It tastes like tea.  I didn't have that many leaves to harvest though since I've been on a cutting and planting spree.   Then I tried Cinnamon Basil tea.  I used roughly the same number of leaves.  It tasted like water.  hahaha...I think I need more leaves next time.  Lastly I tried Chocolate Mint tea.  I didn't drink it since there seemed to be some oil after I boiled the leaves.  Hmmm...I'm not sure if that was a result of a dirty kettle or if I managed to extract some oil.  The oil was colored chocolate.  I'll try it again next time.

On a side note, my recently planted mint seedlings have been growing well.   They're all so tall!  And what else was I to do?  I cut them again for propagation purposes.  I actually have more than what I need.  It's just fun to keep cutting.  In fact I've been getting calls about my herbs.  Some Internet surfing to-be-married couples have been asking me about supplying them with the herbs to be used as wedding favors..  Sure! Would love to provide the seedlings, except I don't have container suppliers.  If you're in Quezon City or Metro Manila, game!


  1. Naks, magiging supplier ka pa pala ng herbs. :)

  2. Anonymous4:33 PM

    Donner: I pulled out one of my dead mint stems (and roots) from the pot and placed it inside a plastic water bottle. It started growing a new stem after 3 weeks! Galing! I think I'll leave it there; I might be better at hydroponics.

    I did the same thing to my rosemary last week. Still waiting...

  3. Vera, when you guys decide to get married, you know where to get your herb giveaways. ;-)

    Donna, I've been experimenting with hydroponics too. It's very intriguing. Let's trade cuttings! Please create a blog! I'd love to read your stuff.


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