Thursday, March 18, 2010

Gotu Kola Care

Just a month ago, I was excited because my Gotu Kola started self propagating.  It was supposed to be my ego plant; the one that will thrive even if my other plants die. Lately though, it seems a little yellow and spindly.  It's unhealthy and I didn't know why.  Until tonight.

After some research, I think I found some good clues when caring for this supposedly weed-like herb.  I saw one site call it aquatic; I saw another that talked about growing it on shallow water.  And then I read that it proliferates in swampy areas.  So that must be the answer.  It needs a damp, shaded environment with lots of organic material, just like a swamp.

So what happened the past month?  Extreme summer!  Haven't you noticed how hot it's been?  So while this has been incredible for my mums and petunia, it's been hell for my Gotu Kola.   Starting tomorrow, I'll water it like three times more until it looks marshy where it grows. And since I've been so addicted to cutting grass and using these as mulch, I'll contribute some of these grass stalks to my Gotu Kola. Maybe I'll throw in some urine fertilization too since I read that it needs high nitrogen fertilizer.  And if I'm lucky enough to get a new sprout.  I'll test the aquatic nature and plug it into a jar with little water (just enough for the roots) and put it beside my hydroponic Fortune Plant.

Next time, I'll write about more Gotu Kola benefits. It's a long list, but I want to write it once my Gotu Kola has recovered from what I think is summer shock.


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