Friday, March 05, 2010

American Idol Bets 2

Ok, what does it say when two of my picks ended up in the bottom two?  Tsk.  I think I'm changing my mind about Andrew.  I agree with the judges.  He's been under performing for two straight weeks.  I might shift to Lee (is the name right?)  You know, the one who sounds like a grunge vocalist.

As for Didi, how could people not vote for a hot blond in boots with a southern twang? Tsk. 

I think Casey should sing Wanted Dead or Alive.  Didi should sing Foolish Games.  Maybe Lee can do some Pearl Jam.

That girl who sang Freedom was a pretty powerful one too.

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  1. You know I have to say I was really underwhelmed this week, but I usually feel that way in this part of the competition. I think they're still getting used to the stage (as cliche as that is, YOU try singing in-front of tons of cameras, a live audience, and millions of viewers at home). As easy as they make it seem/we take for granted, it has to be hard to get used to all of that and still pull of an amazing song. That being said....

    I looked at the list of what the guys sang, and I can truly say I didn't have a favorite this week, and none stood out to me. Very disappointing.

    As for the girls, Crystal Bowersox proved that you can come off of being sick and not use that as an excuse and still put on a brilliant performance. She is definitely one of my favorites at this point in the competition. As long as she doesn't have the Daughtry curse and get voted off early, she might win this year.

    I really thought Katie Stevens and Lilly Scott did a good job this week too.

    As for Haley getting voted off, I'm crushed. I understand that she screamed her performances to an extent, but I really think if she would have gotten more time to grow, she would have went far. And to say that she did worse than Lacey (or even Paige Miles)...... :(

    It will get better when it's the Top 12 though I think, it usually does :D

  2. Thanks for visiting again. I have this distinct impression you're an AI fan. ;-)

    Well part of the fun is watching the contestants mature in front of our eyes. Looking forward to next week!


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