Friday, February 26, 2010


My picks include: KC, Didi and Andrew. Danny was my pick last season.


  1. Nice set of picks. I am glad Lambert didn't win last year as he seems quite unstable today.

  2. Yeah, I didn't root for him last year. His performance style was a little too over the top for my taste.

  3. Okay, not trying to be Mr. Complainy Pants, but OF COURSE one of my top picks, Joe Munoz gets sent home the first live week. :\ I don't know if I liked him as a "star on the show" per se just yet, or if it was just the fact that he did a good job covering a Jason Mraz song (which is one of my favorite singers, he grew up 20 minutes from where I live). I also really like Andrew Garcia, his rendition of "Straight Up" was AMAZING, too bad Paula wasn't there to see it. Casey James would be a little better if he wasn't trying a little too hard (ex. KARA :P), just ends up looking cheesy. Haley Vaughn is also one of my favorites if she would just tone it down a little, the judges need to quit beating around the bush and just tell her that! Actually I think I'll have to quit looking at the list and commenting on each one, or this should have been a blog post on a different site probably. :P I love AI!!! lol, even with all the changes that have happened/are happening!

  4. I see you have very strong feelings about this! ;-)

    I'm fine with Kara playing up the angle with KC since she's hot. ;-)

    I wondered about Joe too. I wanted that other guy with no confidence to be cut.


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