Wednesday, February 02, 2005

My Kinda Place

Rena and I had dinner recently at Papemelroti (the paper place, however it's spelled). I must say, it was exactly my kinda place. Before my friends start stereotyping me again, yes the price was fairly reasonable. So I'm cheap. Mea culpa. ;-)

Anyway, the pizza and pasta selection, the soup and salad were all delicious. The music was subdued. Books were all around. No crowds. The perfect conversation place. Tell me how it gets better than that?

In any case, Rena arranged all of that. She doesn't really do it for everyone, but I suppose she will if the price is right. *ka ching!* I'll handle all the pricing details of course. ;-)


  1. I like the place, too. Luuuvvv their coffee! Aside from those you mentioned, they also have some nice furnitures on the second floor the their store. And there's also a cheap bookstore (forget the name) on the second floor of the building. You can also do exhibits there.

    I actually discovered the place 2 years ago. Funny, coz I thought you might like it there. I was right!

  2. Well if you discover any more places like that, leak the info to me, ok? ;-)

    But wait! What coffee are you talking about? I forgot to say, that strangely, they didn't have much of a coffee selection considering that it was called a 'cafe'. They had instant coffee mostly.

    PS: Furniture is a collective noun. (no S please) ;-)

  3. Wait, let's be clear with your ad., with my hectic sched I only do it "if the price is right." (haha, serious!)

  4. Have only tried their brewed coffee and capuccino.

    O, yeah. You're right about "Furniture" :)

  5. Chris!

    Found your blog....hehehe...

    Anyway, the cafe that you're refering to, is it in Roces? Because they have one in Roces as case you still haven't discovered it yet... :) Pinky Webb?! :)
    Miss your quips in email support. Hope to be in the same team with you again...


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