Monday, January 31, 2005

Armchair Arguments

I just finished watching ANC. Naturally, the topic was about the proposed VAT rate hike. Before I begin my own discussion, may I just say that Pinky Webb was made up wonderfully today. ;-)

Anyway, while holding a 'conference' in my bathroom, I am reminded of old stories on how companies got rid of undesirable departments. They are spun off into new companies. Eventually, these new companies fold up with no damage done to the mother company.

So I was thinking, perhaps a similar approach can be made to address the bloated bureaucracy. Why not handpick these corrupt, lazy and useless employees and then ship them off to a new department about a hundred miles away from their original offices. I submit that some of them will tire of these new assignments soon enough and resign. The process will then be repeated until the headcount is effectively slashed by around 20%.

One other benefit from this proposal is that these employees will be cut off from the rest. Thus, you would not expect massive protests unlike when you propose to do all these cuts while in the head office. Divide and conquer.

And that is my after lunch insight.

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  1. here, here! I agree wholeheartedly to this proposition


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