Friday, January 28, 2005

Sizzling Coffee

There I was, sitting comfortably on a Starbucks couch. Suddenly, there she was wearing a black negligee/blouse and semi-transparent white pants. It was a Pinky Webb moment. I must have stopped talking in mid-sentence all the while drooling on my frap. She seemed newly tanned as I realized for the first time how voluptuous she was. This woman works out.

Finally, I gathered enough wits to reach into my pants (I don't need wits for what you're thinking!) to find a pen. Drat. No pen. No paper.

Thus, I just satisfied myself thinking of something to say should I ever decide to go up and talk to her. "Hi, I just adore the way you talk about reforms that should be made in the BIR. Mind if I lick your arm?"

Just so you'll know, for the next hour and half, a couple of guys friends and I talked about that experience and nothing more.


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