Sunday, January 30, 2005

Happy New Era

I guess it had to coincide with the new year. Almost.

A couple of days ago, my computer decided that it would not continue to load Windows 98 anymore. I guess it's similar to not wanting to be walked to school by your parents or to be too old to be wearing short pants to school. One day, it just happens.

No amount of cleaning, scanning or reconfiguring could change that. It had to be a clean start. So, at the risk of losing years worth of information, I copied My Documents to another drive then reformatted my current C: drive. In retrospect, I realize that I should have copied my entire Desktop as well. Goodbye passwords list!

In any case, my Windows 98 SE installer (Greenhills edition) won't seem to work. So Windows ME it is. Now that's just new to me since my computer has never tasted any other OS but Windows 98 for the past five years or so.

Just yesterday, I was able to retrieve my five years worth of e-mail messages. OE however, has no rules importing functionality.

Goodbye passwords. Goodbye Windows 98. Goodbye e-mail filters.

Evidently, my work here has just begun.


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