Wednesday, January 05, 2005

From Scoreboard to Boreboard

If you've ever taken a u-turn in EDSA near Quezon Ave. in order to go to the southbound lane, you would have noticed the big Bench billboard on your right side. You can't miss it since it catches you while you slow down. This, I think, is an advertiser's dream come true.

Tell me this.

For a couple of months, the board featured Francine Prieto wearing a seductive look, a black bra and possibly an earring.

What I can't understand is why they would switch from that ad to that of Jasmine Trias wearing a cap and an unforgivably wholesome smile.

The girl wearing a cap or the woman wearing cups. It seemed like a no-brainer to me.

Earlier today, as I was pondering this situation, I suddenly thought of the Eraserheads' song that said, "shake your head and walk away."

In my mind, that's exactly what I did.


  1. I actually know why.

    They had to take all the suggestive billboards down because - they actually made a study on this - they found that more accidents happened in the area of those billboards than anywhere else along EDSA. The MMDA finally made the advertisers take them down - or at least change the pictures - because drivers were too busy looking at the images to pay attention to the road, apparently.


  2. Ah yes. Too much of a good thing...

  3. This is just utter bullshit. No matter what, sexual provocation will never be stop as it will always find ways to surface.

    What I find amazing is the hypocrisy of the situation. They pulled down all ads displaying woman wearing bras but left ads with guys in their underwear.

  4. from scoreboard to boreboard to abhorboard. now it's kris aquino in there. ang sagwa!


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