Friday, October 01, 2004

Reading Masses

Recently, I came upon the realization that I am, and will always be part of the reading masses. It occurred to me that I've never been able to discuss authors and literary-highbrow issues. I've never read the books that editors and intellectual leaders talk about.

Heck I don't even know how to choose books.

Unlike in music where I choose my path boldly, I usually rely on the collective tastes of people to choose my books. Bestseller. If a million other semi-illiterate individuals thought it was a good read, it can't be that bad or that hard to read for that matter.

But of course, books within my realm of competence or interest don't count. Remove all books about the economy, technology and kinky sexuality and you'll find that the rest of my books are light-reading materials. Pictures and big fonts are optional.

I don't mind that much though. While I probably will never quote passages from War & Peace, I can always overcompensate by discussing the effects of Harry Potter on the country's fiscal crisis. It will be authoritative too since I'll be doing it while sipping coffee and smoking a pipe in my robe.


  1. Try reading stories about real people. Journals and biographies. They can be interesting too. :D

    I will start reading tonight (my waswit's) Che Guevarra book. In preparation - while i search for the (now sold-out) dvd copy of Motorcycle Diaries where my honey Gael plays the role of Che.

  2. Yep. I actually do that. But then again, these are not 'heavy' books. I guess it's because I have a terribly short attention span.

    By the way, I have to thank you for lending me your Harry Potter series many many years ago. ;-)

  3. What is the effect of Harry Potter to the fiscal crisis? Hehehe...

  4. I just said that for effect. You're not really supposed to ask me that! ;-)

    Let's see...

    In Harry Potter, we realize that there is a ready market for all sorts of wizarding items.

    Globalization dictates that there is probably a cheaper source of goods somewhere else in the world.

    Capiz and Aklan, which are the aswang centrals, probably produce such items.

    Thus, these provinces could be export winners.

    This would translate to more tax revenues, thereby helping curb the deficit problem.

    Ayan, pinatulan ko ha. ;-)

  5. I love reading too much to make it into intellectual snobbery. There are books I like, and books I love, and books that make me struggle, and books that soothe me, and books that make the world seem clearer or vaguer, and books that I read just because they pass the time and they don't make me think.

    All kinds of books, really.

    Sometimes I choose books because I like what's on the cover.

    On the other hand, I am no one's arbiter of tastes because even my musical preferences are wildly eclectic. I have everything from Britney Spears to Rachmaninoff in my music collection, and I love every single CD in my collection :)

  6. Cool. Someone who can actually use eclectic in a sentence. ;-)

    As for my reading, I can do without the headaches. I can just be a snob in music.


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