Wednesday, October 13, 2004

GMAT Materials For Sale

GMAT Books for Sale

If you can't read the titles, just click on the picture. I'll dispose of all five books for a total of P500. Buzz me.


  1. If nobody else wants to get them...and if you can tell give me good reasons to buy them, I'll take them

  2. What good reasons? It's either you want them or not

  3. I actually want to take the GMAT ... but I already have an MBA, and I don't really plan on taking up another graduate course for the next three years, at least. I think I need those three years to gear up for the PhD.

    Which means I'll probably pass, but that's a GOOD price. I'll pass on the info.

    Have you taken the GMAT, Chris? How hard is it?

  4. Rei,

    I don't even remember how I got those books. No, I never took the GMAT although the thought crossed my mind many years ago. If you ever take it, don't forget to send me tips.

  5. Well, GMAT is easy. Take my word for that.



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