Monday, February 01, 2010

Ungreen Thumb

As you may have read, I have grown quite plant crazy again in the past weeks.  It's me reliving my teenage days when I had over a dozen rose plants with different colors (red, white, peach, pink & yellow).  With too many attempts to root and loosen the soil and to water, they died.  Sigh.

It's also me trying to start my dream mango orchard.  Naturally, I have to know how to take care of them first right.  About a week ago, I published a picture of my mango seed.  It still looks like that, but at least it's still green.  There is hope yet.  The poinsettias that I moved from indoors to our greenhouse like corridor outside the house look healthy enough but are still devoid of the big red leaves. 

In what could be an act of unconscious masochism, I bought more plants!  Yehey.  I got myself a gotu kola, mums, and an aster (pictures in that order).  Those were photos from a week ago.  Sadly, my aster looks dead already and my mums look burned.  The gotu kola, which I bought to appease my ego (they grow easily you see) are still alive and kicking.  So now I moved the mums away from direct sunlight (still outdoors, but under a roof).  We shall see what happens next.  In the meantime, I'm still collecting mango seeds (I've been eating a lot of those you see) and calamansi seeds and I plan to plant them all. 

If I can't do it by skill, I'll do it by statistics.  Throw a hundred seeds on the ground and something is bound to grow and thrive, right?


  1. Nonoy, ganyan talaga ang gardening, especially if you don't really have a green thumb. Sandz and I have been trying all these years to grow various plants (ornamentals, herbs, whatever). Some survived but a lot of them died. Since we hardly know anything about plants, it was just a matter of monitoring which ones liked more sun, more water, etc. I personally prefer growing kitchen herbs for my cooking, but I hardly have any time to garden nowadays. Someday, siguro. Someday.

  2. Indeed. My motto will be to 'garden by persistence'.

  3. Some people just don't have the green thumb, I know that i personlly killed a cactus. How do you do that. To me that says I am less nurturing then the dessert.

  4. I officially want to use that line! Less nurturing than the desert indeed!


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