Thursday, March 10, 2011

Vermicomposting Meat and Bones: Vermiculture Adventures in the Philippines

I now have about 6 small to medium sized worm bins, none of them really with a substantial amount of worms.  But after months and months of trying, I'm glad to note that I now vermicompost (or use as mulch) all of my fruits and vegetables, paper, used toilet paper, cardboard (including pizza boxes), coffee grounds and tea bags, and all those other goodies you find that are usually fed to worms.   It's like my African Nightcrawlers have a buffet 24x7 and they're not complaining. 

Since that episode a couple of weeks ago when I put garlic and onion in a small enclosed bin and all the worms there went crazy trying to escape, I'm happy that I haven't had an escape attempt in any of my bins since then. 

Today I'll push the envelope again.  About a week or so I tried pushing all my scraps into one bin and that resulted in  an epic fail moment.   I put a stop to that experiment right away, pulled out the large amount of food and used those for mulch.  Today, I tried vermicomposting meat.  I didn't do it in one of my favorite bins.  Instead, I used a big flower pot situated in the garden.  This way, even if there's some slight odor, I won't be affected.  So this big clay pot already has some contents, alternating layers of moist cut up newspaper and food waste.  I cover it using a sack that's weighed down by a big upside down broken pot?  I placed all the chicken bones and skin and covered it up again with some newspaper (not even a thick layer).   I put back the sack the and pot, added some moisture and that's it.  Let's see if cats can move that big ass pot. 

There are very few worms in that pot so I added three more (cheapskate huh?).  I also made sure the pot drainage holes touch the ground.  In fact I partially covered the sides of the pot with soil?  Why?  I'm not sure if it will work, but I'm hoping it will attact garden earthworms as well.  Perhaps they can help my African Nightcrawlers break stuff down. 

Will it work?  My nose will be the guide, but only time will tell.    Let's see in a few weeks.


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