Friday, March 18, 2011

Everything Germinates in the Worm Bin Experiment: Worm Bin Adventures in the Philippines

This isn't exactly the part 2 of my worm bin seed germination experiment.  I was trying to see how long it would take watermelon, chico and mango seeds to germinate in my worm tray.   These days, I only put food in my worm bins when most of the food has been consumed by the worms.  In one particular bin though, it was taking a few days for the worms to even touch a carrot top.  I figured it was a tough vegetable and was taking its sweet time to decompose.  Tonight though, I found out why.  The carrot top sprouted some stalks!   Oh well, I might as well continue growing it.  I'll move it to a pot with filled with vermicast in a few days.   Meanwhile, I'm still waiting for mangoes and company to sprout!


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