Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Year Old Mango Tree

Has it really just been a year?  It seems so long when I started gardening again.  It all started with the mango seeds I wanted to germinate.  Now, I have three of them left and this is the biggest one. I'm not sure why, but it's about a foot bigger than the others.  This one is about two feet tall and is starting to bend because of the weight.  The main stem or trunk hasn't become woody yet.   As you can see, it's also still in a pot.  I added kitchen scraps mulch to bring the soil level higher and in case you're wondering, the root system isn't all that developed.   A year old basil has a lot more roots than this mango.  I'm not sure the current roots support such a big plant, but that's what I saw when I dug up the plant.   I wonder if this will bear fruit in a pot?  How cool would that be?


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