Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Growing Siling Labuyo and Bell Peppers

The last time I talked about my siling labuyo (Capsicum Fructescens), I was trying to make them grow on other trees.   It seemed like an interesting experiment.  But they all died.  One of these days, I'll try again.  Nevertheless, it's very easy to grow siling labuyo  (hot chili peppers - left picture).  In fact, I even tried growing Bell Peppers (Capsicum Annuum - right picture).  Basically, I just dug a hole on the ground, threw in the seeds (no drying or cleaning) and watered the hole every day.  Within a week, the seeds started germinating. I'm sure not everything germinated, but then again, one fruit has so many seeds.   The siling labuyo here is probably around 1 1/2 months old; the Bell pepper is about a few weeks younger.  But as you can see, even with my second rate treatment, they're still thriving. 

But if you want to get hard core about it, peppers need lots of sun, water and fertilizer.  They're heavy feeders.  They want well drained soil with lots of organic content.  They can grow in containers too.  One of these days, I'll transfer a couple of these plants to a big pot.  It takes about 119 days before you can harvest.  In my case, I have around 80 days to go.  Sigh.  My tomatoes will probably need that much time too.  Thank heavens for basil which I can harvest at any time.  Otherwise, I'd get so bored not harvesting anything. 


  1. How is your sili plant doing? Were you able to transfer it to a pot?

  2. Anonymous11:45 AM

    I planted my siling labuyo on May 1, 2015. To date no signs of it at all. what went wrong?

  3. I've had multiple sili plants through the years. I've found that they're not high maintenance at all. Most are just accidental plants (i.e. I just threw seeds all around). I think I have at least 2-3 "fruit bearing" ones. I don't even bother to water or fertilize.


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