Monday, February 21, 2011

Does Mulching or Composting Exist in the Philippines?

I feel alone.  I generally give my best effort so that I can process my kitchen scraps and other biodegradable materials like paper.  From the various garden blogs, I've learned to mulch with plastic, paper and leaf litter.   In fact, I enjoy the topic so much that my Google Reader is filled to the brim with subscriptions about these topics.  But you know what's strange?   About 90% of the stuff I read are from the US and Canada.  How strange is that?  I know for a fact that there are tons of Filipino blogs.  Mostly though, I encounter these blogs when I look for recipes, vacations and complaints about telco providers.   What about worms? 

On the other hand, there are those nice people that buy my little starter worm bins.  I know they're making an effort to make use of stuff that unnecessarily swell our landfills.  I read occasional articles on the broadsheets about some farmer success stories.  I just wish there was more.  Now I'm a fairly timid person so I just give a pained look whenever I see leaf litter being hauled to garbage cans or being burned.  Sigh.  Maybe they're out there.  You know, I really dislike social occasions;  I think big dinners are boring.  Part of it I guess is that people never talk about recycling, composting or energy conservation.  It's always work, politics and travel.  Snooze-fest.

Oh well.  Maybe it's not my time yet.   Until then, I'll keep avoiding social events to the best of my abilities.


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