Thursday, February 10, 2011

Cuban Oregano vs Italian Oregano vs Oregano Thyme

Remember my Oregano Thyme?  It was that plant that just never thrived for me (well one of the many plants).   There wasn't much material on the Internet about it, but I eventually found out that it was really a variety of Thyme and not some cross breed between Oregano.  In hindsight, I understand now why it's called such.

I have current pictures of a Cuban Oregano, an Italian Oregano and a file photo of my Oregano Thyme.  See the similarities and differences:

As you would see, Italian Oregano and Oregano Thyme have a very similar look: thin curling branches and small rounded leaves.  They also both grow exceedingly slow!  However, (and you'll have to take my word on this), the Cuban Oregano and the Italian Oregano, despite their great differences in appearance have an identical scent (and I bet taste).   Too bad I can't recall if Oregano Thyme has any scent or I could have compared that too. 

In any case, I'm glad my Cuban Oregano is finally growing.  It's such a commonplace plant here that I've been neglecting it.  Ironically, I ended up killing this hardy plant several times.  Well this time around, I treated it like all my herbs: in good soil and with lots of sun. 


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