Monday, January 31, 2011

Hydrangea Blooming

Remember the hydrangea plants that we bought in Tagaytay about two years ago?  Well they're a lot bigger now.  Just look at the leaves on the first one.  It's bigger than my hand I think!  And look at the other one.  It's blooming.  However, two years ago I bought it with bluish flowers.  Now it's blooming pink.  When I read up on this months ago, the color of the blooms is determined by the PH of the soil.  Well this means my soil is relatively acidic.  I've got to add more eggshells for the next bloom (once a year).  And do you know what sort of fertilizers I give these plants?  Well it so happens the pots are really big and they're situated right beside my front door.  So, whenever I sweep, I put the contents there (hair, dead skin, dust, dead insects).  Not bad  huh?  My dirty mulch has really been feeding the soil.  They're all biodegradable anyway.


  1. With our relatively neutral pH soil here in New England, we get beautiful blue flowers on our hydrangeas. Pink is nice too, though!

  2. Thanks for dropping by Cynthia. It's always nice to exchange notes with a fellow gardener and vermicomposter. I returned the favor with a link back to your site as well

  3. Erratum: apparently, the soil needs to be more acidic to make the blooms blue. In my case, I may have added too many eggshells. I need more coffee grounds instead.


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