Friday, October 15, 2010

Some Worm Thoughts

I've been doing a lot of reading and thinking about, as well as experimenting with worm composting bins.   It's exciting!  The last time, I segregated all the worms in worm bin 2 and moved almost all bedding and food to another side, leaving the worms with little food and bedding.  I also poured a generous amount of crushed egg shells.  Did the poor worms die as I feared?  Nope.  Early this morning, I checked on them.  None of the worms remained there.  They all migrated to the other side of the bin where I left about 98% of the bedding and food.  But the great thing is that they were all alive.

I've been wondering about two other things: molds and moss.  One of these days, I will experiment on feeding molds and moss to my worm bins.  Let's see what sort of vermicast they produce then (probably the same).  You know what makes this an interesting experiment for me?  There's very little information on the Internet on worms eating molds and moss or even basic composting both.  And that's why I have to see it for myself.


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