Friday, October 15, 2010

Habanero Update

Four months ago, I introduced the Jalapeño to my stable of plants.   Apparently, it was a Habanero.  No big deal, right?  Both have Mexican sounding names.  Until you taste it.  You know, I'm a big Siling Labuyo fan. On my happy trips to Chicken Bacolod, I always use about 3-5 pieces of Siling Labuyo for my sauce.  Pretty hot.   Siling Labuyo rates about 50,000-100,000 in the Scoville scale.  However, Habanero rates 100,000-350,000.  Case in point, I was eating Sinigang na Baboy last week. I put one crushed (pinatay na sili) Habanero in my patis sauce.  Oh my mouth was burning for about half an hour with one Habanero!  I was eating sweets and drinking water for the whole half hour after feeling the burn.  And yet, it still didn't go away. That's a Habanero for you.


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