Thursday, October 07, 2010

Herbs Are Flowering

About a month ago, I successfully propagated my Stevia.  It was fairly simple.  I just cut a couple of long branches, placed the cuttings in water, put the cup in an area with some sun and waited for about a week and a half.  Voila!  They all rooted.    The first time I tried rooting Stevia cuttings, it didn't work.  I think it's because my mother plant wasn't healthy enough when I did it.  Anyway, after the cuttings rooted, I planted them in a grande plastic cup using grade A organic soil (excellent drainage!)  Guess what?  Within a month, the new plants have grown so much and have started to flower.  They're even healthier than the mother plants.  What's the difference?  The healthier ones are in the front yard where sunlight is abundant.   That said, I'm officially shooting down the advice I found that should be in partial shade.   Anyway, I've pinched off the Stevia flowers because I read that flowering takes away from the plant's sweetness.

As for my other herbs, a couple of my Thai Basil plants and Cinnamon Basil plants have also started flowering.  I was tempted not to pinch them off because I just wanted to experience letting an herb go to seed.  A day later, I pinched them off anyway.  I just won't let them die.  I've read that once an herb goes to seed, it generally dies.   Oh man, I have a lot of Cinnamon Basil plants now.  On another note, I'm looking to trade a couple of my Cinnamon Basil plants for other herbs.  I'm looking for Parsley, Rosemary, Lavender, Dill and Sage.   Oh, I'm also looking for a Purple Basil.   Let's meet up in Quezon City!


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