Saturday, September 25, 2010

Three Basil Plants in a Row - Update

A couple of months ago, I posted about my three basil plants in a row (sweet basil, cinnamon basil and Thai basil).  Well, these plants have already matured and I've taken several cuttings from them.  One of my favorites is what I call the triple basil pot.  In this picture, I've combined the three cuttings in one pot.  And look how lush it has become after a few months.  So how do you tell which is which?  Start at the bottom of the picture.  The ones with the relatively crumpled leaves is Sweet Basil.  Don't ask me why but they tend to be more crumpled in appearance.  On the left side is the Thai basil; on the right is the Cinnamon Basil.   Here's the coolest thing though.  So it looks like they've outgrown the pot, right?  Indeed they have.  When I moved this pot a couple of days ago, I found that roots have already penetrated the bottom holes.  The plants have actually rooted to the ground!  Cool huh?  I guess that means the plants will survive even if I get sick for another week and fail to water them since they'll be getting moisture from the ground too.


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  2. Hello there! Thanks for dropping by. It'd be great to read about your farm stories. Yeah, you're blog hasn't been updated in a while. ;-)


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