Saturday, October 02, 2010

Growing a Mango Tree

Remember my mango plants?  Those mango plants are what started my gardening resurgence after about a 15-year hiatus.  That was almost a year ago.  Since then I've moved on to mostly herb gardening and now most recently vermicomposting.  But hey, let's look at my old favorites. 

As you would see in the pictures, the plants are still relatively small.  I mean they are almost a year old.  My Cat's Whiskers are bigger than them!   I guess I have to give them credit though.  They survived my backyard when every other plant died of one disease or another.  I guess that means they're hardy plants. They remained healthy although the soil in the pot is always wet.  In fact, all the companion plants of these mangoes (mints and basil) died.

Anyway, like all my other plants, I moved them to a sunnier location.  Hopefully, the next couple of months will be more productive for them in terms of growth compared to the past couple of months.  And since the soil level of these plants are pretty low, maybe I can use my first batch of vermicompost for them! 

I wonder how long I can keep them potted.   Hmmmm...


  1. Hi Chris we have a mango tree that has been growing in our garden for about 5-6 years that we brought from bunnings it's a kensington pride, but still no fruit its about 8 feet tall looks really healthy. Do you know how long they take before they fruit we are in the south west of W.A. Is there any ways to get it to fuit sooner.I adore mangoes so I;m really looking forward to eating them fresh off the tree !
    kind regards Sherrie

  2. Hi Sherrie! Congratulations on the 8-foot tree. My mango plant (not even worthy to be called a tree) still has ways to go. I think I've read though that mango trees bear fruit after 5 years. I'm not sure. Your tree's just about due I guess. It could be coming any day now.


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