Friday, May 07, 2010

How to Propagate Oregano from Cuttings

I have what I think is a Cuban Oregano (different from my Oregano Thyme).   I got it from an empty yard in front of a water customer's house.  I wasn't really ready to find it so I didn't have shears with me.  I just cut of a branch by hand (very crude cut).  Then I just stuck it in the soil of my seedling bed.  Weeks later, it was still alive (stoic but alive).  Just playing around, I took a leaf and stuck it in the soil.  I checked it earlier.  It already had roots.  Absolutely no care was needed.  It's so easy that I'm starting to wonder if this really is an Oregano or just a weed.  Hmmmm....

I also took a cutting and placed it in a glass of water.  It also grew roots.  So there you have it.  For this alleged Cuban Oregano, crude cuts, leaf cuttings, stem in soil, stem in water...they all work. 


  1. michelle2:49 AM

    I also have an oregano plant. One day, my sister's dog bit off one of the stems and left it on the ground. When i saw the "broken stem- dont know what to call it eh" i immediately replanted it... and so far... its been growing eversince... have proven that oregano is a sturdy herb..

  2. Hi Michelle!

    The Cuban Oregano is quite a hardy plant. It grows even on inferior soil and on a variety of sunlight conditions (from direct to shaded).

    However, the Italian Oregano doesn't seem to be as resilient. I have one of those too.


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