Monday, April 02, 2007

Wrestling Moves

The find that the finishing moves of Randy Orton and Shawn Michaels are inefficient. Both of them egg on their opponents to get up before hitting them with the respective RKO and Sweet Chin Music. Why would you do that? If it were me, I'm guessing that as soon as my opponent is down, I'll do a hundred leg drops at the back of his head. It's boring, yes, but it'll also probably injure my opponent's neck.

I guess in this respect, I would like Chris Benoit and Kurt Angle because both of them go for the kill early and often.

There are also a couple of moves that I wonder why I don't see a lot. For example, why doesn't Triple H go for all the leg breaking maneuvers all the time? I'd say go for the Figure Four as often as he tries to go for The Pedigree (which takes a long time to set up). I think Mick Foley has this sitting down Pile Driver. That should hurt. I suppose almost all slams take an equal amount of strength to perform. I'd go for the Brain Buster each time. I'd also go for the DDT with every head lock. As you can see, I'm fairly biased towards the head and neck moves. I'd even add Shawn Michaels' superkick, but it should be done in the heat of battle.

Next time I'll talk about my biases for wrestlers with a lot of moves.


  1. I must admit I can't relate to wrestling. I've tried to like it but just can't. I know about hundreds of people who are so into it, children and lolas included.

  2. We can have this long talk one day and I'll explain everything to you

  3. Hay Donna, be prepared on your talk because sometimes he demonstrates some of those wrestling moves :-)


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