Sunday, April 15, 2007


So Rena and I had our Fish & Chips moment in Fridays Galleria. It was one of those giving way days (because I had Chicken Bacolod in mind of course). It turns out, the fish made her mouth itch all over. Being the outspoken girl that she is, she politely told the waiter so. In contrast, I probably would've just eaten it and ripped the restaurant in my blog or steal some a menu.

Well, it turns out Chad the Manager was informed and he promptly offered to replace it. Nice guy. Eventually we settled for some brownie dessert. It was good. A bit sweet for my test, but heck, it was on the house. Now this Chad happened to offer us free Fish & Chips at any time we're back in the place. Rena let go of a guttural laugh afterwards because she knew that she was going to call that offer someday.

Later that night it made me think about profitability and business ethics. Goodwill, although hard to compute, has value after all.

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  1. All I can say is that I left with a BIG smile and a heavy tummy :-)


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